Nothing on the Shelves


Every bit of residential real estate market data we have at hand indicates a continuing strong sellers’ market.  Recent sales activity in Metro Denver exceeds last year, Foot traffic through homes for sale is the highest in a decade, mortgage credit availability has been increasing, and mortgage loan approvals are happening with a continuing decline […]


Oct Newsletter 2

Recent surveys and informal chats with our fellow REALTORS® give us a very strong indication of the concerns most consumers have regarding real estate. This month, we offer you a few questions, and a few answers: 1.  Are home values approaching a new bubble or will prices continue to appreciate? Rather than consulting our slightly […]

Cool to Warm


Much has been written here and on most every other forum for Metro Denver real estate that we have been in a hot market.  It is impossible to know just when a hot market slows to warm or moderate until enough time has passed to gain perspective on the sales statistics, but perhaps the market […]

Big Ads in Search of Dumb Buyers

Real Estate Ad

From time to time, the Editor here at The Berkshire Group’s Newsletter Department finds a great article that makes such a great statement it bears repeating. That is the case this month.  The excellent researchers and great writers at Keeping Current Matters, our source for national real estate information, really hit a nail on the […]

We’re Halfway Somewhere


It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through 2014.  Most everybody in the real estate industry has been so busy there has been little time to catch our breath, at least here in Metro Denver. There is some talk in the national media that the real estate market is slowing down, but […]

Home Ownership Over There


While a major piece of the American Dream still relates to home ownership, it is interesting to note that the United States ranks 34th in actual home ownership compared to the other 41 members of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. From the peak of 69.2% in 2004, 65% of Americans own their home […]

The Real Housing Crises

housing crisis

Back in 2008, the media, quoting supposedly authoritative “housing experts”, went over the edge with a constant stream of reports indicating that the United States was in the worst “housing crises” since the Great Depression. A few experts, seldom quoted, spoke fervently to the financial crises, noting that a housing crises would be a lack […]

Data, Information, and Knowledge

Advice Help Support And Tips Signpost Showing Information And Guidance

Most of us buy (or lease) a new automobile from time to time. What type, brand, or price range that brackets your search, and your personal passion for automobiles, defines your shopping experience.  Those folks that are very passionate about automobiles maintain a certain level of knowledge regarding the automotive industry, while those less passionate […]

How’s the Market?

House and shopping cart

If every REALTOR® had a nickel for every time that question was asked of us, we could buy a condo for cash. Of course, it’s a casual question, meant to be both friendly and perhaps get a little free information to make the poser better informed. The silly part is that most REALTORS® provide an […]

The Dreaded Predictions for 2014

Real Estate Market Predictions

Last year at about this time, we offered up a few predictions for 2013.  We spoke of an inventory shortage, and that certainly was a fact as the year progressed, with the available resale inventory at the end of 2013 at the lowest point in decades. We mentioned the earth-movers at work in the outlying […]

The CFPB and You


For the many of you that actually have lives to lead, you may not be aware of the latest Federal Knight in Shining Armor, The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, or the CFPB.  For good or ill, and frankly it seems a bit of both, the CFPB mortgage industry rules take effect on January 10, 2014.  […]

The Missing Inventory

Missing Inventory

In the retail business, inventory suffers from “shrinkage”, the term used to account for shop-lifting, pilfering, short shipments, and other loss of goods.  In the housing business, we have to consider other reasons for shrinkage (OK-it is possible to “steal” a house, but they are a bit to big to stuff under a coat). The […]


Couple with house

Maybe.  But maybe not. Back in July, this writers paid for Lexus was destroyed by a driver sleeping at the switch on I-25.  There was no plan to replace the still very nice Lexus, after all, having a nice paid for automobile is a rare luxury.  But, the plan was changed.  Not thinking of buying […]

Rough Road Ahead

Rough road

So, check your shock absorbers, tighten your seat belt, and get ready for another bumpy ride. Homeowners, wanna be homeowners, REALTORS, builders, and all of those ancillary people that serve the housing industry should look down the road and pay attention.  Here’s why: The CFPB rules are upon us!  That’s right, the agency that was created by […]

The Blank Slate

blank slate for ax reform

This month, we will depart from the sometimes witty and pithy commentary and simply present an Issue Brief from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) concerning TAX REFORM. While there is no question that a comprehensive change in how we tax ourselves is way past due, at the same time it is important that the […]