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Every bit of residential real estate market data we have at hand indicates a continuing strong sellers’ market.  Recent sales activity in Metro Denver exceeds last year, Foot traffic through homes for sale is the highest in a decade, mortgage credit availability has been increasing, and mortgage loan approvals are happening with a continuing decline […]

The Pulse – November 2014

the pulse

Commentary: The effects of low inventory (homes currently for sale in the MLS System) in the Metro Denver real estate market continues to support strength in valuation and the low inventory had no effect on the total sales increasing in October by 7.7%  with the average price increasing by 6.08% over the same month in 2013, […]

Denver Market Update for November, 2014

Oct Band Chart

The $200-$300 price range is the most active in the Metro area, with more homes selling than being listed. Average prices per square foot will exceed $200 consistently in 2015. Condo prices per square foot will continue to rise as regulatory issues are strangling the new build market. Three quarters of the sales market is […]


Oct Newsletter 2

Recent surveys and informal chats with our fellow REALTORS® give us a very strong indication of the concerns most consumers have regarding real estate. This month, we offer you a few questions, and a few answers: 1.  Are home values approaching a new bubble or will prices continue to appreciate? Rather than consulting our slightly […]

The Pulse – May 2014

the pulse

Commentary: The Metro Denver real estate market is still experiencing the effects of low inventory. There were 3.8% less homes sold in April of 3014 than in the same month of 2013, but the average price increased by 7.2% for April year over year and the median price by 8.20%.  Less sales, higher prices.  Metro […]

Denver Market Update for April, 2014

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Home sale prices have increased dramatically since last March, whereas only 18% of the sales were in the $400-$499 price range, this year 34% of the sold homes have been in that price range. The National average inventory is showing just over 5 months, but Metro Denver is just over 2 months.  The major stumbling […]

The Pulse – April 2014

Commentary: Having predicted a strong real estate market in 2014, we now have to consider just what we mean by the word “strong”.  Sold listings were down in March from the previous year by 13%, but the average price increased by 5.28%, and the median price by 8.21%.  Less sales, higher prices. The most significant […]

The Pulse – February 2014

Commentary: As we enter 2014, many are predicting a strong real estate market. The most significant brake on the local market will be a lack of inventory, which will be true in most major markets around the country. Resale inventory at the end of January 2014 with only 7,832 active listings, some 9,000 units less […]

Denver Real Estate Market Graphs for October, 2013

Denver Band Chart

Over 1/2 of all homes priced under $400K are selling in every 30 day period. As the year draws toward a close, the days on market are increasing slightly, but no where near a buyers market. The Average Sold price is holding steady, but expect a normal decline in January. Active inventory exceeded 2012 for […]

Denver Housing Market Update for October, 2013

Denver Market Update for October 2013

Denver Real Estate Market Graphs for September, 2013

Denver Band Chart

Status Quo except for an increase of activity in the 1 -2 M price range. Inventory will remain low during the winter months, but will begin to increase in the spring, at least to 2012 levels. Sales volume remains strong, well ahead of previous years,with only a slight decline in prices. Detached homes prices are […]

Denver Housing Market Update for September, 2013

Denver Market Update for September 2013

The Pulse-Denver Real Estate and Economy- September 2013

Commentary – The lack of inventory eased again in August and, with the seasonal slowing, available inventory is somewhat less critical.   Interest rates have begun to increase, and while still extraordinarily low, it is obvious that more increases are coming, which, along with an increasingly onerous regulatory market, will tend to slow the rate of […]

Denver Real Estate Market Graphs for August, 2013

Denver Band Chart

Remains a sellers market below $800,000 The Average price has begun the normal seasonal decline, but the decline is minimal to date. Inventory should begin the seasonal decline before an expected upward swing next March. Closings remain high, pointing to the best sales year in the past half decade. Days on market increased from the […]

Denver Housing Market Update for August, 2013

Denver Market Update for August 2013