Rough Road Ahead

Rough road

So, check your shock absorbers, tighten your seat belt, and get ready for another bumpy ride. Homeowners, wanna be homeowners, REALTORS, builders, and all of those ancillary people that serve the housing industry should look down the road and pay attention.  Here’s why: The CFPB rules are upon us!  That’s right, the agency that was created by […]

1934 and the Federal Housing Administration

That was the year that the FHA came into being.  The National Association of REALTORS had considerable input into its creation,  along with previous efforts to bring stable home financing tools to a large group of Americans that had suffered through the housing crises of the early 1930’s.  With the creation of the FHA, the […]

The Market Pulse for February, 2012

Key Economic Statistics The current real estate/economic picture in Denver remains positive for the individual home seller in the lower price ranges, but is becoming somewhat stressful for buyers.  For the first time in years sellers are receiving multiple offers, and foreclosed properties are receiving bids in excess of asking price.  There is growing confidence […]

Goring The Sacred Ox

The media commentary on the housing crises, perpetuated by a plethora of talking heads with all manner of opposing solutions, continues unabated in this country.  We are pretty sure that many of the bright ideas offered to fix the problem are emanating from tenured professors with no fear of income loss, hence little risk of […]

Get Your FHA Mortgage Application Started — Fees Increase 1/2 Percent Starting Monday, April 5, 2010

FHA closing costs increase by 1/2 percent April 5 2010

Starting Monday, April 5, 2010, getting an FHA mortgage will be more expensive. That means you’ll want to give a full mortgage application before the weekend so your lender can register your loan in time for the deadline.

Separating FHA Fact From Fiction : Mortgage Insurance Premiums

FHA asks Congress to raise Monthly MIP

Because of how frequently bank rules are changing, it can be hard for laypersons to distinguish between mortgage fact and fiction of what’s coming next. Recently, we saw this with respect to FHA home loans.

Spring 2010 FHA Guidelines Make Borrowing Tougher And More Expensive

New FHA guidelines

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Federal Housing Authority outlined policy changes to its mortgage assistance program. The shift is meant to both reduce the government group’s portfolio risk while strengthening its overall financials. For consumers, the changes mean higher costs.

2010 FHA Loan Limits Released

2010 FHA Loan Limits

The FHA published its 2010 loan limits. There’s no change from 2009.